“The Accountant”



“The Accountant” is a yawner of a movie. This supposed ‘thriller’ is far from thrilling. It’s an interesting enough premise, but the film is much too bloated to make effective use of its already thin story.

Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) is the accountant, a book-cooker for some of the world’s most nefarious crime syndicates. He’s also a stone-cold killer, a skilled assassin who was trained as a child by his tough, no-nonsense soldier father (Robert C. Treveiler). When Wolff is hired by a robotics company for an audit, he and coworker Dana (Anna Kendrick) uncover a shady multi-million dollar scam and find themselves in life-or-death danger — with the Treasury Department, headed by agent Ray King (J.K. Simmons), in close pursuit.

Affleck is proficient and understated in the role as a math savant and adept executioner, and the supporting cast (including the underrated Jon Bernthal) are good enough but mostly far from memorable. In fact, this entire movie is unremarkable and also slightly incoherent. It’s a forgettable, dumb mess that’s astonishingly poorly executed in every way imaginable.

There are a few darkly humorous scenes that are well done, but mostly this is another lame excuse for a routine thriller where nothing really happens. All of this excess is intercut with violent gunplay interludes and all the standard movie clichés, from the young agent “figuring it all out,” the senior boss who’s “too old” for this s&$t, and the sweetly innocent ingénue who needs to be rescued by our shadowy, tortured hero.

Speaking of our hero, he supposedly has touches of autism. According to the film, this in turn makes him smart at math and gives him the mindset to become the perfect assassin. Isn’t that notion just a tad offensive in itself?

And can we please stop ending movies with someone driving off into the sunset with a slight smile slowly crossing their face?

“The Accountant” is as commonplace as they come, and it’s one you can skip.

Matt was unavailable for review.


  1. Nice review. Yeah, that about what I said about this movie. Affleck was good in it and I did like the cast, but the movie is messy at times and feels a bit generic.

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