“Give Me an A”

This film was screened at Fantastic Fest

In today’s political climate, it’s not easy being a woman. In an idea born from the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the anthology film “Give Me an A” is compilation of 17 short films by women that address the topic in unique ways. By creating art from unique perspectives, this film features highly political work from filmmakers with different styles and tones, all sharing one common theme.

The shorts range from dark feminist comedy to horror to science fiction. Some are stronger than others, but all are well-crafted and thought provoking. Sometimes the simplest ideas pack the most punch (“Plan C,” “DTF,” “The Voiceless”), but the most memorable segments feature more in-your-face theming (“Crucible Island,” “Our Precious Babies,” “God’s Plan”). Every piece offers an excellent representation of the horror most women (and men) felt that day, when many of us realized that our rights had been stripped away by a failure of democracy.

By including only shorts made by women filmmakers, “Give Me an A” speaks loudly and carries a big stick. It runs on a bit too long and doesn’t always strike gold, but the it will likely elicit a gut reaction in viewers and amplify the issue of bodily autonomy and reproductive rights, which is the point of the entire project.

By: Louisa Moore

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