“Heard She Got Married”

This film was screened at Fantastic Fest

Fans of the Motern Media crew, who have a cult internet following, are the target audience for co-writer and director Charles Roxburgh‘s “Heard She Got Married.” The folks behind this film have a cult internet following, churning out completely homemade and self-funded movies for their select group of aficionados. I don’t think there is much appeal beyond this limited audience (although the director’s second Fantastic Fest entry “Magic Spot” fares better).

Described as a “suburban noir thriller” by co-writer and star Matt Farley (I do applaud and appreciate his skill in the marketing department), the film tells the story of washed-up musician Mitch Owens (Farley) who has returned home and finally meets his new neighbor, a former bass player and now mailman, Van Hickman (Chris Peterson). Van tells Mitch about his delicious homemade hot dogs and a set of mysterious nude photos that were sent as a welcome gift. Sensing something is off, Mitch grows suspicious and is determined to figure out exactly what is going on.

To reveal more would offer spoilers, but this film is more ominous than silly. As with Farley’s other films, this one features a cast of non-actors and is choppy all around. The pacing is also extremely slow and stagnant. I know it’s not easy to make a movie and I appreciate that fact, but just the act of investing time, blood, sweat, tears, and money into one doesn’t make it good, fun to watch, or successful.

My initial reaction to “Heard She Got Married” is that it is a film that will not prove interesting to anyone outside of friends and family of the cast and crew. Apparently, I am mistaken. The filmmaker and his buddies have a cult-like following for a reason I cannot understand. I did not like this film as much as “Magic Spot,” which is far better. But that’s not saying much.

By: Louisa Moore

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