“The Sound”

Director Jason-Christopher Mayer makes the most of just seven minutes in his short film “The Sound,” a project that is guaranteed to get a reaction from its audience by the time the end credits appear.

It’s a simple story of a hearing impaired woman (Sabrina Stull) who is bothered by a strange sound that no one else can discern. She first encounters the painful noise years ago while out for a jog, but the mysterious tone comes back once more while she is chatting with her roommate (Emree Franklin). After seeing a shadowy figure through the window, the women realize they are not alone and bravely go investigate.

There isn’t much plot-wise but the payoff is shocking and unexpected, ending the film with a bloody bang. Mayer has a keen eye towards the horror / suspense genre and a non-flashy filmmaking style, both of which suit the simplicity of the story well.

Part home invasion movie and part unexplained sci-fi, “The Sound” is well made and satisfying.

By: Louisa Moore

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