“The Fuzzies”

The surreal horror short film “The Fuzzies” proves that cute and fuzzy monsters aren’t just for kids.

This very funny, very whimsical movie starts off with a mystery as to why a confused man (Dustin Vaught) wakes up trapped in a strange bathroom. As he investigates his surroundings, he is attacked by everyday soft objects in the room. Eventually, something terrifying but oh-so-cute emerges from within the walls (and the toilet), and the man’s only chance of escaping is to endure the mocking torment.

It’s a mostly silent film with no dialogue, yet it grabs and holds your attention from the get-go. Writer / director Josh Funk blends stop-motion animation with live actors and puppetry, and the result is delightfully absurd. The jerky movements of the animation is a wonderful fit for the subject, as is Vaught’s exaggerated performance. The sound is effective, and the custom-made monster puppets are perfect.

“The Fuzzies” is a simple idea that’s well executed. Plus, watching a gang of muppets mercilessly bully a goofy human is just plain fun.

By: Louisa Moore

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