“Weee Wooo”

“Weee Wooo” is a simple yet effective horror short that plays with light and sound rather than crafting a complex story. Writer-director Charlie McWade’s straightforward tale is an idea that’s perfect for the short film format, and he packs a punch in less than 10 minutes of run time.

A young woman wakes up in the middle of the night, unable to hear any sounds. Panicked, she’s unsure why her world is now completely muted. She soon discovers that she isn’t living in total silence when she hears a mysterious noise that acts as a siren call. She can’t resist, and follows the sound deep into the woods behind her house.

McWade is terrific at setting a darkly atmospheric tone. He employs a simple yet effective (and seriously creepy) use of shadow, light, and sound. The call from the woods is distressing, and he uses silence where it makes the greatest impact.

There isn’t a lot of plot or story depth to “Weee Wooo,” but it’s a well-made horror short from a talented director who has a solid grasp on the genre.

By: Louisa Moore

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