A COVID outbreak at their grandmother’s nursing home forces two sisters to hit the road in “Recovery,” a pandemic-era comedy from directors Mallory Everton and Stephen Meek. With a supply of hand sanitizer, wipes, and a plan, sisters Blake (Everton) and Jamie (Whitney Call) set off to brave the dangers of the outside world, hoping to bring Nana back to a place where she will be safe. Things don’t entirely go as expected as the two navigate their emergency road trip route, but they’re able to bond and shoot the breeze while stuck together for a few days.

The movie surprisingly has some laugh-out-loud gags, considering that it’s trying to make a comedy about something that’s not funny. It has a low budget, home-grown appeal, with most of the action taking place within the confines of a car. The dialogue consists mainly of disposable conversations about guys and jobs and life, and it would never work as well as it does without the natural, effortless chemistry of the two leads (and longtime besties in real life). While the two co-stars sometimes strain to contain their overacting, there’s something super appealing and very real about Blake and Jamie, two young women whom many would see as directionless, but who actually have their lives together in their own quirky little way. They’re pals you’d like to hang out with despite their flaws.

“Recovery” is character-driven comedy that balances ridiculous with reality, and somehow, it works. COVID isn’t funny (and it may be too soon for some to watch entertainment that makes pandemic-era jokes), but the film succeeds in bringing a welcome levity to a humorless situation.

By: Louisa Moore

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