Matt’s Worst Movies of 2019

1. Men In Black International

I really, really hate the MEN IN BLACK movies. This one was no exception. Even Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth – two charismatic and likeable actors – couldn’t save this turd of a movie.

2. Wine Country

As a frequent traveler to wine country, I was looking forward to seeing this movie, which was filmed in many of the places I love to visit. Unfortunately, WINE COUNTRY is clearly nothing more than a flimsy excuse for the film’s stars to hang out together in Napa on Netflix’s dime. The writing is atrocious and the story uninteresting.

3. Glass

Every time I think M. Night Shyamalan has returned to form by making an entertaining movie that is actually worth watching (like he did with SPLIT), he turns out something like GLASS, a completely uninspired and uninteresting movie featuring several incredible humans that can do incredible things, but instead spend most of their time sitting around and talking. What a waste.

4. Corporate Animals

A corporate team-building exercise goes horribly wrong, and a bunch of office workers become trapped in a cave without food or water. Their management and people skills are put to the test when they start considering the only obvious food source (one another). This star-studded black “comedy” premiered at Sundance with a thud.

5. The Lion King

Not all of Disney’s attempts to cash in on its catalog by making live-action versions of its animated movies suck (I really liked ALADDIN), but THE LION KING is one of the worst of the lot. While the photorealistic animation is unquestionably jaw-dropping, there are many story elements of THE LION KING that aren’t well-served by making the animals look real. Not only was the remake pointless, but it was completely lacking in the earnestness and heart that made the original special. This movie is proof positive that Disney doesn’t mind trampling on its legacy if it means making lots and lots of money.

6. Last Christmas

A stupid story that takes the lyrics of the just-okay Wham! song “Last Christmas” far too literally, to terrible effect.

7. Blinded by the Light

Feels like someone who didn’t understand at all what was so great about SING STREET decided to try to remake it using Bruce Springsteen’s songs without the heart or the soul of SING STREET. Having good music is not enough to make the movie worth watching.

8. 47 Meters Down: Uncaged

A pointless sequel to a movie that wasn’t that good to begin with. Not even the bottle and a half of wine I imbibed while watching it improved this movie.

9. Motherless Brooklyn

Writer-director Edward Norton’s self-indulgent vanity project is a mess from start to finish. There are some good story elements here, but they get lost in too much noise with too much flourish.

10. Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw

I love Dwayne Johnson. I love Jason Statham. I liked it when each one of them joined the FAST AND FURIOUS family. But bickering does not a good movie make, especially when the characters are as thinly-drawn as Hobbs and Shaw. When are action movie directors going to realize that big is not necessarily better when it comes to set pieces?


11. Charlie’s Angels
12. Midway
13. The Sharks
14. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile