“Night School”



The disappointing “Night School” mostly squanders a promising setup. The story of a group of misfits who bond together while in an evening class studying to get their GEDs isn’t funny enough to rate as a first class comedy.

The cast is hugely likable, yet their considerable comedic talents feel wasted. Tiffany Haddish is typecast once again as an obnoxious, wisecracking woman, and Kevin Hart gives the same rote performance that he’s given in nearly every single film he’s ever starred in. Supporting turns from Mary Lynn Rajskub, Romany Malco, and Rob Riggle are entertaining, but at least 99% of their jokes fall flat. It’s a real shame because the film’s messages of never giving up and working hard to triumph over adversity are good life lessons. They’re buried under a bland, unfunny, generic shell.

Even worse, the electric chemistry between Hart and Haddish never gets the spotlight it deserves. I’d love to see them make another, funnier film together because they are a joy to watch as they verbally spar back-and-forth. But if you go into this one expecting to be entertained, it delivers. Just don’t count on too many laughs.

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