“The LEGO Batman Movie”



In “The LEGO Batman Movie,” everything is decidedly not awesome. Not by a long shot. This sequel to the 2014 runway hit “The LEGO Movie” is repetitive, annoying, stale, and will most certainly make my shortlist as one of the very worst films of 2017.

Everybody wants to see gags at the expense of infallible superheroes, but the movie misses just about every opportunity to poke fun at Batman, his cohorts, and his enemies. The film is not amusing, the jokes not funny enough to warrant more than a few polite chuckles, and the satire not biting nor irreverent enough to make any meaningful impact.

There are too many pop culture references masquerading as jokes and the shallow plot (Batman must rise to the occasion and save the city from a group of super villains) makes for a dull evening at the movies. The film tries but sputters, and never quite gets off the ground.

Not helping matters is the animation. I really hate the way this movie looks, with its ugly, chunky and clunky animation. I understand that the animators are trying to capture the look and feel of the popular LEGO brand building toys, but the unpleasant-featured facial expressions come across as shoddy and junky looking. The movie is crowded with repetitive, rapid cut action scenes, and animated action scenes rarely work on a film of this scale (or any, for that matter). Here they are overdone to the point where they feel junky and obnoxious, nothing more than extended scene fillers that stink of desperation.

The voice talent is surprisingly uninspired, especially Rosario Dawson‘s irritating Commissioner Gordon and Michael Cera as the wide-eyed orphan boy who will soon be Robin, Dick Grayson. Will Arnett‘s raspy-voiced, arrogant Batman, while very amusing — briefly — in the original “The LEGO Movie,” just gets too irksome far too rapidly here. It’s a laborious gimmick that’s quickly tiring to the point of no return.

Kids won’t like this movie and adults won’t like this movie. Just like the lead hero’s voice, this one is one big, long, boring monotone.


  1. I don’t think I hated this quite as much with you…but I agree with a lot of your points – I found it to be quite dull and I found that some of the jokes got really old and boring and actually quite annoying by the end!


  2. I liked Lego Batman Movie more than you did, although I agree it grew tiresome. As I joked in my review, I wanted Rebecca Bunch from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to show up and yell, “Okay! We get it!”

    “Kids won’t like this movie ” I think you underestimate the degree to which kids these days will swallow just about any old crap put in front of them as long as its suitably loud, forward-moving and oddly packed with music, I say based entirely on my three nieces and one nephew (who really shouldn’t be held up as representative of all kids but always kind of are by me).


    1. I wish kids would demand better. The kids in my audience either went to sleep or went out into the lobby to run around. I laughed at NOTHING in this movie except for Batman’s lobster eating scene. I don’t know why that cracked me up, but it did. Full disclosure: I HATED the first Lego movie.


  3. Yeah if you hated the first Lego movie. It’s gonna be tough for you to like this one. For me I was laughing right from the very first line. I thought they poked holes at the Dark Knight just fine, but you are not the only ones that did not like this. Listen to the True Bromance Podcast


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