“Zoolander 2”



The fact that this sequel exists is more insulting than anything else: insulting to audiences everywhere because it’s not worth you wasting one second of your time on watching it. Nothing more than an endless parade of very unfunny celebrity cameos, “Zoolander 2” is a long, boring and tedious gimmick that simply doesn’t work. Why did the world even need a sequel to “Zoolander”? It’s one of the worst excuses for a ‘comedy’ ever made, and part 2 isn’t any better.

Instead of having a good script, it feels like director / star Ben Stiller just sat around a called up all of his Hollywood friends to cast them in his movie so they could pal around on the set. This movie feels as old and lame as the t-shirts that Hansel (Owen Wilson) and Derek (Stiller) wear during one of the (many) gags that don’t work. There’s no satire, no quotable lines, no humor and no redeeming qualities to this movie. Will Ferrell (Mugatu), Kristen Wiig (Alexanya), and Penelope Cruz (Valentina) are squandered, and any film that dares waste Wilson qualifies as a crime against movies in general.

Shame on the talented cast who wasted their time with this junk. And please don’t waste yours.


I’ve watched the original “Zoolander” several times over the years in an unsuccessful attempt to understand the appeal of that movie. In my view, the original film is boring and not at all funny. Perhaps I just don’t get all of the jokes about the fashion industry. Maybe I don’t “get” Will Ferrell‘s character Mugatu. It’s possible that there are sight gags that I just miss entirely. The more likely answer, however, is that I just don’t have the same sense of humor as the legion of “Zoolander” lovers.

If you’re one of them, the true-believing passionate fans of the original “Zoolander,” then take this with a grain of salt: “Zoolander 2” is slightly funnier than its predecessor, which isn’t saying much.

There are some funny sight gags and running jokes. Some of the cameos of celebrities and fashion designers are enjoyable. And it’s great to see so much of one of my favorite cities in the world, Rome. Also, the movie didn’t bore me. Beyond that faint praise, there isn’t much to recommend here. Most of the fashion-industry jokes fall flat; the has-been vs. current storyline lacks heart and direction; the ironic, sarcastic hipster character who says ironic, sarcastic hipster things just doesn’t work on any level (I’m not laughing because your references and jokes aren’t funny, not because I didn’t get them).

If you’re a huge fan of the original movie, you may want to check this one out, but wait until you can watch it at home.


    1. We were some of the only people who actually liked “Dumb and Dumber To.” The hard thing about critiquing comedies is that sense of humor is so personal. The love of the original “Zoolander” being a perfect case in point (neither of us liked it). But yeah, I agree with you that most of these sequels to old comedies are a bit of a waste.

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      1. I haven’t checked out Dumb and Dumber To yet. Although I actually did enjoy Anchorman 2 a lot. That must count for something. It’s definitely a tough thing to pull off. Comedy is the most subjective thing out there. This is a huge reason I haven’t checked out the new Vacation movie too. The reviews were terrible, but sometimes even the worst reviewed comedies end up being funny to me…sometimes. I’ll probably check it out soon, but at least my expectations will be low, and who knows, maybe it’ll actually hit the right funny bone for me. But the odds aren’t totally in my favor.


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