“The Creeping”

In the modern horror world it sometimes takes a lot to give audiences a fright, but “The Creeping” proves that sometimes, a simple, classic ghost story can scare with the best of ’em. This traditional haunted house tale is genuinely creepy, serving up thrills and chills that will keep you up at night.

After the death of her father, Anna (Riann Steele) moves home to take care of her ailing grandmother (Jane Lowe). There’s an ominous feeling from the get-go, especially when Anna is awakened the first night at exactly 3:23 am. She wanders downstairs to investigate and finds something very unsettling. Thinking little of it, she brushes it off — until it continues happening every single morning at the exact same time. A dark secret from the family’s past is unearthed, releasing not only the anger of a malevolent spirit, but also a massive amount of trauma.  

Writer / director Jamie Hooper uses basic techniques that yield big scares, like disorienting hallway shots, shadowy specters in windows, and even plain white bed sheets. This may sound hokey, but it’s anything but. The simplicity is what works so well, and the horror / thriller conventions are genuinely scary. The creep factor is dialed up to 11 here.

It also helps that the story is set in the mid-1980s, which wisely takes modern technology out the picture. It works so much better as a retro style film, which also gives everything a timeless feel. The production values are top-notch, especially for an independent production. It’s also nice to see a female-driven story where the men have very minor background roles.

The film’s pacing feels slow in the beginning, and some plot points don’t make much sense at first. Be patient, because the payoff is absolutely terrific. “The Creeping” delivers a gut punch that’s unforgettable, as well as good old fashioned thrills.

By: Louisa Moore

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