“Father of the Year”



It seems to be the popular activity to hate on movies like “Father of the Year,” another Netflix original film from Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison production company. I tried so hard to give this comedy a fair shake but it’s so pointless that it makes it nearly impossible not to loathe it. The laughs are few and far between and the story, which stems from a drunken trailer park debate, isn’t enough to sustain a three minute SNL skit, let alone a full-length feature film.

The low comedy standards set by this movie aren’t even met. There are a couple of inspired gags like a swimming pool made in a pickup truck bed to a Chinese buffet that keeps lowering its sanitation rating via a health department sign in the front window, but almost everything else feels forced. David Spade should be able to carry material like this but he’s wasted here. The supporting comedic actors (Joey Bragg, Nat Faxon, Matt Shively) are too.

The entire premise here is “my dad can beat up your dad.” And when the grand finale fight ensues, it’s a colossal letdown with zero payoff. I suffered through this crap so you don’t have to — unless you really, truly feel like wasting ninety minutes of your life.

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