“The Week Of”



In the third Happy Madison feature made exclusively for Netflix, funnyman Adam Sandler teams up with director Robert Smigel (of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog fame) to deliver the enjoyable “The Week Of,” a very funny film that’s packed with goofy humor and inspired sight gags. The duo work well together as far as laughs are concerned, and the movie brings the type of humor Sandler (and company) does so well — experiential with a big-hearted message.

The film tells the story of two polar opposite dads, blue collar contractor Kenny (Sandler) and hotshot big city surgeon Kirby (Chris Rock) whose respective kids are getting married in a few days. Out of pride, Kenny insists on paying for the ceremony himself and refuses to accept any money from the wealthy father of the groom. This leads to plenty of hilarious situations as the man scrambles to provide a dream wedding on a shoestring budget for his eldest daughter (Allison Strong).

The story takes place during the week leading up to the wedding and most of it is set inside Kenny’s cramped house, where most of his extended family end up staying because of a mishap at the budget hotel in town. As group after group of eccentric relatives arrive, the stress builds to epic proportions. Kenny and his wife Debbie (Rachel Dratch) plaster on happy faces while simultaneously resorting to screaming at each other upstairs, trying to keep it together so everything appears under control.

There’s plenty of funny material as far as the supporting characters are concerned, especially when it comes to the legless Uncle Seymour (Jim Barone) and his low class son Charles (Steve Buscemi). There are some tasteless gags featuring strippers, an emotionally disturbed young man, and jokes at the expense of the handicapped, but nothing is too offensive and most are successfully played for laughs.

Movies like this usually please a crowd because everyone has their own set of kooky family members, featherbrained best friends, and we all know what it’s like to deal with the stresses of packing all of them under one roof, be it for a milestone event or a holiday. It’s a stale set up and no new comedy bounds are broken, but the “The Week Of” delivers the laughs and will surprise audiences with its genuinely sweet and heartwarming story.

“The Week Of” is currently available for streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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