“Super Troopers 2”



The good news is that Broken Lizard fans don’t need to set the bar too low for “Super Troopers 2,” the long-awaited (by some) sequel to 2001’s idiot cop film “Super Troopers.” Anyone who thought the gags from the original (like chugging maple syrup in a diner and an extended bit where deputies repeatedly say “meow” to confused motorists) were ridiculously funny (and you know who you are), will unquestionably enjoy round two.

The bumbling law enforcement team of misfits from Vermont, including Thorny (Jay Chandrasekhar), Rabbit (Erik Stolhanske), Farva (Kevin Heffernan), Foster (Paul Soter), and Mac (Steve Lemme), is back in action. This time an international border dispute has been sparked between Canada and the U.S. and the gang is sent up North to set up a new Highway Patrol station. The newfound power goes straight to their heads and absurdity soon follows. There actually is a plot, although it’s a recycled one involving drug and gun smuggling.

There’s plenty here to appease both diehard fans and those new to the party. The film has an appropriate amount of throwback references to the original and the characters are still lovably goofy and moronic. Plus, there’s something about lampooning cops that is just inherently funny.

The supporting cast fits right in among the madness too, providing some of the film’s best moments (the scene where three dimwitted Mounties debate the career of Danny DeVito is headed for cult status). The opening bit has two very entertaining cameos (that I won’t spoil here), Rob Lowe is perfectly silly as the ex-hockey star mayor (and brothel owner) of a small Canadian town, and Emmanuelle Chriqui shows off her comedy chops with an exaggerated French-Canadian accent that works in all of its outrageous, cartoonish glory.

The film retains its low budget B-movie feel and instead of focusing on the actual craft of making a film, they (smartly) turn the spotlight directly on the wisecracks. This proves to be both a blessing and a curse. Broken Lizard’s signature chaotic comedy routines, where every little semi-funny idea is attempted for laughs, is no different here. There are the required fart and dick jokes (most of them funny, believe it or not), and then some not-so-progressive bits that poke fun at homosexuals, women, and the handicapped (also worth a couple of chuckles, although you may feel bad about yourself for laughing). The jokes are sometimes vulgar and not at all clever, but the shenanigans (see what I did there?) are sure to please fans. It’s low brow, but it’s funny.

Of course not everything is a hit, especially the lazy jokes and cheap sight gags which create several dead zones of laughs throughout the film’s 100 minute run time. I think a good measure of a comedy is calculated by how many times it can make me laugh divided by the number of attempts. The majority of the jokes here made me giggle, and some made me roar. I laughed. And I laughed a lot.

“Super Troopers 2” is crass, stupid, obnoxious, lewd, and crude. It may not be high art, but it sure is damn funny.

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