“It Comes At Night”



Couple Paul (Joel Edgerton) and Sarah (Carmen Ejogo) have managed to protect themselves and their son, Travis (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) from the terrifying disease ravaging the country. Living simply in their remote cabin, the family has a simple but happy life. But with so many threats waiting just outside their door, things may not stay that way for long.

With “It Comes at Night,” director Trey Edward Shults has crafted a slow-burn, psychological thriller that has confounded audiences. Drawn by a trailer that has created expectations of a very different movie, most folks seeing this film have come expecting a very different type of movie. This is decidedly not your typical “cabin in the woods” horror movie — even though the preview would have you believe otherwise. What it is is an exploration of the nature of humanity living under the shadow of constant fear. When you and your family are threatened by the constant threat of both the known and the unknown, how long can you continue just surviving?

This is not a movie for those seeking a thrill or a cheap jump scare — in other words, it’s not a “horror” film in the traditional sense. But for what it is, it’s effective: both relevant and highly disturbing, this movie will stick with you long after the credits have rolled.

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