“Ride Along 2”



Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are both immensely charismatic actors but their talent far outweighs the weak material they have to work with in “Ride Along 2.” They are both way too good to be starring in such junk. This terribly unfunny movie fails on every level possible. It’s not funny, it’s not exciting, the dialogue is abysmal, the lame gags fall flat, and a coherent plot is nonexistent. By the time the movie picks up some steam with a shipping dock shootout, it’s far too late for salvation. The whole thing feels like stale, sad, reheated leftovers. This ride quickly runs out of gas.


Sadly, the sequel is every bit as worthless and boring as the the first movie. Once again, two very likable actors (Ice Cube and Kevin Hart) are completely wasted, having been saddled with a one-note script. This screenplay feels like it was scribbled in crayon on the back of greasy pizza boxes left over from an all-night “Lethal Weapon” binge watching marathon.

You know a movie’s terrible when the funniest moments come from watching the extras overact and overreact (the extras during the movie’s dumb dance sequence are particularly memorable). If this was the best the filmmakers could do, they should just stop trying. Forget about these characters and leave Hart and Cube to work on other, better projects.


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