“Dirty Grandpa”

LOUISA:  1 STAR      



“Dirty Grandpa” is crass, crude, rude, gross and just plain unfunny. Vulgarity should never be confused with humor, but it is here and the film is terrible as a result. I didn’t find the movie offensive but I did find it very sad: I’m sad for Robert DeNiro and Zac Efron for agreeing to star in this nasty, mean-spirited spring break bender movie.

It’s poorly made to boot: the story makes zero sense and half of the joke set-ups quickly crash and burn. I’m sure the surf shop proprieter’s (Jason Mantzoukas) side drug business and relationship with the local cops looked funny on paper but it fails miserably here.

Aubrey Plaza‘s deadpan delivery saves the movie from being a total loss. Well, that and Efron’s nude scene.


Not to be confused with the hilarious 2013 Johnny Knoxville movie “Bad Grandpa,” this movie was mostly an unfunny mess. There were about 3 good jokes and the others bombed. In a good comedy, I can forgive a lot — including dumb set-ups and and an extreme lack of logic. But when a movie is as painfully lacking in humor as this one, those flaws become unforgivable. Skip this one and watch “Bad Grandpa” instead.



  1. You know what makes me sad? How GREAT DeNiro used to be. When he was younger, he was truly exceptional. Then he fell into the trap of slap stick comedy’s and garbage Ben Stiller movies. Poor guy.


    1. I agree that DeNiro’s recent performances leave much to be desired (although he’s almost always good in David O. Russell’s movies). I used to feel the same way about Al Pacino, but “Danny Collins” changed my mind.

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