Moviegoer’s 10 Commandments

1. Thou SHALT NOT repeat dialogue, talk to your neighbor or to thyself during a movie.

2. Thou SHALT turn off thy mobile phone before the movie begins.

3. Thou SHALT honor the cinema as an art form, and treat it with the appropriate respect.

4. Thou SHALT NOT treat the theater as your living room.

5. Thou SHALT seek out theaters that have Dolby ATMOS and true IMAX.

6. Thou SHALT NOT bear false witness by pretending to like movies that you don’t, or by pretending to hate movies that you don’t.

7. If thou beist a parent, thou SHALT check the MPAA rating to determine if a movie is appropriate before you takest thine offspring to the theater.

8. Thou SHALT NOT place thy feet on or kick the occupied seat in front of you.

9. Thou SHALT sit in the seat you reserved, and none other.

10. Thou SHALT NOT giggle or titter in recognition when Stan Lee appears in a Marvel movie (we all know who he is and your laughing in recognition is both stupid and annoying).